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Montessori Rainbow Tower with Stackable Rings: Wooden Learning Game for Children, Suitable for Ages 18-24 Months

Montessori Rainbow Tower with Stackable Rings: Wooden Learning Game for Children, Suitable for Ages 18-24 Months

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🌈 Montessori Rainbow Tower with Stackable Rings: A Valuable Addition to Your Child's Developmental Journey 🌟

Embark on an exciting learning journey with your child through the Montessori Rainbow Tower, featuring 6 stackable rings. Crafted with care, this wooden game is designed to stimulate young minds aged 18 to 24 months. The Colored Rings on a Dowel provide an engaging way for children to explore varying sizes and colors, promoting visual discrimination, order, and basic counting skills. 🧒🎉


👶🔵 Engaging Stackable Rings:

Watch with joy as your little one develops hand-eye coordination by placing the 6 easy-to-grasp rings on the rounded wooden base. Capturing and retaining children's attention, these rings boast vibrant yet non-glaring colors. Building the colorful tower becomes an adventure in decreasing order.

🪵🛡️Safe Playtime:

Crafted with high-quality wood, the base of the tower and the rings are smooth and rounded, ensuring a secure playtime for your precious child. 

🧠🧩 Educational Wooden Play:

Enhance your child's logical, motor, and problem-solving skills with this educational stacking game designed for 18-month-old children. Through sorting shapes, colors, and sizes, they embark on a journey of cognitive growth. 

🎁👦👧 Thoughtful Gift:

The wooden ring pyramid makes an ideal gift choice for a child starting at 18 months. Elevate their playtime away from screens with this intelligent and engaging game. 

Enrich your child's playtime with this captivating Montessori Rainbow Tower. 🌟🌈

In a Nutshell

Recommended Age: 18-24 Months

Sizes: One Size (18-24 Months)

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 6 cm

Material:  Wood and non-toxic paint

Color: Rainbow

Key Features: Montessori Approach, hand-eye coordination, cognitive growth and hours of screen-free fun

Recommended Use:  Perfect for children aged 18 months and older offers vibrant colors, smooth wooden craftsmanship, and engaging stacking rings for early learning

Tried an Tested

Before showcasing trendy products, we have them tested by one of our #MammaOra. Take a look at the interview with Emma, the mother of 18-month-old Sofia, for her direct feedback!

I'm considering purchasing the Montessori Rainbow Tower with Stackable Rings for my 18-month-old son. I'm wondering if the rings could be too small and pose a choking hazard. What can you tell me?

I understand your concerns. I personally tested this tower with my 18-month-old daughter, and I can assure you that the rings are appropriately sized and do not pose any choking risk. They are designed to be easily grasped by little hands and are not so small that they could be swallowed.

I like the idea of a Montessori toy, but I'm curious about the durability of the Rainbow Tower. My son is quite active during playtime!

I completely understand your concerns about durability. I put the Montessori Rainbow Tower through various durability tests with my daughter, who is known for his energetic play. I can confirm that both the tower and rings are made from high-quality wood and are designed to withstand robust use.

I've heard that Montessori toys can be very beneficial for a child's development. How does this tower contribute to their learning?

You're absolutely right, Montessori toys are indeed beneficial for children's development. I've seen notable progress in my child thanks to the Montessori Rainbow Tower. The stackable rings enhance hand-eye coordination and facilitate the learning of concepts like order and size.

I'm interested in this toy, but I'm concerned about cleaning, especially if my child uses it outdoors. How should I handle cleaning due to the material?

That's a valid concern! Personally, I use a damp cloth to gently clean the tower and rings. In case of dirt, a simple wipe-down is sufficient to keep it in good condition.

Care Instruction

Usage Tips:

  1. Place the wooden base on a stable surface, ensuring it is free from obstacles.
  2. Encourage your child to grasp and stack the rings onto the base in order of size.
  3. As your child becomes more familiar with the game, guide them to stack the rings in descending order to create the rainbow tower. that the child plays under adult supervision.
  4. Teach the child how to insert coins into the opening and open the drawer.

Washing Tips:

  1. To clean the wooden tower and rings, use a soft, damp cloth to gently remove dirt and debris.
  2. Avoid using aggressive chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the wood or finishes.
  3. Allow the tower and rings to completely air dry before storing them in a cool, dry place.

Remember, these usage and care guidelines are provided for informational purposes. Always follow the specific instructions provided with the product.

Security Advice

Safety is our utmost priority. We have carefully designed our Montessori Rainbow Tower with Stackable Rings to provide a secure play experience for your child.
Our tower and rings are crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and safety for your little one.
All edges of the tower and rings have been meticulously smoothed and rounded to prevent sharp edges that could potentially harm your child.
We use non-toxic and child-safe finishes that adhere to safety standards, ensuring your child's playtime is enjoyable and safe.
The stackable rings are designed to securely fit onto the base, reducing the risk of small parts coming loose during play.

Avoid Excessive Heat: Keep the toy away from sources of heat and direct sunlight to prevent damage or warping.

Supervision: Always supervise your child during playtime to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Unlock Your Child's Potential!

Discover the Montessori Rainbow Tower – the ultimate educational toy designed for curious minds aged 18 to 24 months. Foster cognitive growth and hand-eye coordination with vibrant, stackable rings. Elevate playtime with quality wooden craftsmanship.

Educational Fun Starts Here!

Explore the Montessori Rainbow Tower, a cognitive development game for toddlers. Encourage logical thinking and motor skills in children aged 18 months and up. The perfect screen-free gift for curious minds!