Who's Behind Mamma Ora

Hello, I'm Giulia Rossi! With a 10 years immersed in strategic consulting, I've navigated the intricate landscapes of over 150 companies, steering them towards resounding success. My professional journey has been defined by transforming challenges into tangible achievements. Each milestone has sculpted my expertise, fostering an astute understanding of business dynamics and strategic navigation.

Motherhood's Transformative Power

Embracing the extraordinary journey of motherhood for the past five years has been an incredible chapter of my life. Amidst steering companies to success, I've discovered the profound joys and challenges of being a mom. This experience has enriched my perspective, infusing empathy and practicality into my approach, shaping Mamma Ora into more than just a business - it's a heartfelt endeavor rooted in understanding the unique needs of new moms.

Strength in Unity

At Mamma Ora, my digital venture, I collaborate with a devoted team of experts. Together, we craft not only genuinely useful products but also offer genuine support. Our mission extends beyond providing practical resources; it's about nurturing and assisting parents during the critical first 24 months of their child's life. Every member of our team shares a passion for innovation and a dedication to enhancing the journey of parenthood.