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Set of Swaddle and Hat: Wrap Your Baby in a Soft 100% Cotton Sleep Sack Swaddle for a Peaceful Sleep, Choose From 8 Unisex Designs, Suitable For Ages 0-3 Months

Set of Swaddle and Hat: Wrap Your Baby in a Soft 100% Cotton Sleep Sack Swaddle for a Peaceful Sleep, Choose From 8 Unisex Designs, Suitable For Ages 0-3 Months

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Baby Swaddle and Hat Set: Comfort, Versatility, and Safety for Your Little One πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Discover the Ultimate Baby Swaddle and Hat Set, crafted from High-Quality, Soft, and Breathable Cotton for Absolute Comfort and Sweat Absorption. Our multifunctional design allows you to use it as a swaddle to wrap and soothe your newborn, as a blanket for cradling, or as a sleep sack. The swaddling sack fits your baby perfectly, with leg pocket and two wings to wrap around the arms. The adjustable velcro closure makes it easy to adjust for a comfortable and secure fit. Perfect for your Newborn's Peaceful Sleep.πŸ€—πŸ›ŒΒ 


πŸ’€πŸŒ™ Sleep Better, Sleep Longer:

Give your newborns (0-3 months) the gift of Sound Sleep. Our Baby Swaddle Set ensures Cozy Nights at home or during travels.

🎨🎁 Various Patterns and Colors:

Choose from a range of Cute Patterns and Colors. A perfect Gift for New Parents. One size fits all (65 x 51 cm), ideal for babies (3-5 kg).

πŸ§ΈπŸ‘‘ Includes a Swaddle and a Hat with Cute Bear Ears:

Bundle of joy includes a Baby Sleep Sack Swaddle and Hat with Adorable Bear Ears. Prevent the startle reflex that disrupts sleep.

πŸŒˆπŸ‘ Appreciated for Vibrant Colors and Excellent Quality:

Loved for vibrant colors and quality. Well-crafted Velcro Closure for Boys and Girls.

πŸ›‘οΈπŸ‘Ά Safety Comes First:

Promote safe sleep with the recommended supine position. Free Leg Movement even when wrapped, endorsed by midwives.

Welcome our Baby Swaddle and Hat Set into your baby's world. Provide the comfort they deserve for peaceful sleep and joyful growth. πŸ€—πŸ›Œ

In a Nutshell

Recommended Age:Β 0-3 Months

Sizes:Β One Size (0-3 months)

Dimensions:Β 65 x 51 cm

Material:Β Cotton

Colors:Β Stars, Clouds, Dinosaurs, Stripes, Space, Jurassic, Zig Zag, Gray

Key Features:Β Breathable and sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable, multifunctional design

Recommended Use:Β Suitable as swaddle, blanket, or sleeping bag

Tried an Tested

Before showcasing trendy products, we have them tested by one of our #MammaOra. Take a look at the interview with Laura, the mother of 2-month-old Carlo, for her direct feedback!

How does your child feel with the Set Baby Swaddle after trying it?

My child feels very comfortable with the Set Baby Swaddle. It protects him and provides the stability that allows him to experience his precious infancy in safety and calmness.

How did you find the size suitable for 0-3 months age?

The sizes match the description. I recommend measuring and weighing your children in case of doubts.

Can I use these blankets while traveling?

Yes, these blankets are a must-have to bring while traveling, but they should not be used to transport the baby as they are not compatible with the car seat.

How can I use the central wings of these blankets?

I prefer to use them as arm wraps when my child is a bit restless, but you can leave them open while rocking him.

How do you remove the Baby Swaddle when the baby is still asleep?

To remove the Baby Swaddle, simply detach the upper wing from the lower wing and slide the sack off the legs.

Care Instruction

Usage Tips:

  1. Lay the newborn flat on the swaddle blanket and insert the legs into the sack.
  2. Wrap the newborn with the right wing, making sure to position the arms gently along the body.
  3. Wrap the left wing around the newborn and use the convenient Velcro Closure, ensuring that the baby is swaddled neither too tight nor too loose.

Washing Tips:

  1. Place the swaddle blanket in the washing machine.
  2. Select a gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine to prevent any unnecessary stress on the fabric.
  3. Opt for a mild, baby-safe detergent to ensure the fabric remains soft and gentle on your baby's skin.
    Refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals that might damage the cotton fibers.
  4. Air-dry the swaddle blanket to preserve its softness. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may fade colors.
  5. If needed, use a low heat setting while ironing to smoothen out wrinkles.

Remember, these usage and care guidelines are provided for informational purposes. Always follow the specific instructions provided with the product.

Security Advice

Our Set of Swaddle and Hat for Newborns Strictly Adheres to Safety Standards for Baby Bedding, using safe materials completely free from harmful substances, to provide Maximum Peace of Mind to Parents.

It is Highly Recommended to Wash the Product Before First Use, following the provided washing instructions carefully, to ensure Maximum Hygiene and Comfort for your precious newborn.

The Swaddling of our set of blankets allows keeping the baby in the Supine Position, a safe position recommended by health professionals and midwives to promote proper development.

Additionally, the Multifunctional Design allows for Free Leg Movement while keeping the body comfortably wrapped.

Proper Fit: Ensure that the swaddle is neither too tight nor too loose around your baby to avoid affecting their breathing and movements.

Supervision: During your baby's sleep, avoid covering their head with the blanket to maintain proper breathing.

Eco-Friendly Shipments

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Just like Amazon, we harness the power of collaborating with various suppliers. But the real magic lies in the fact that we don't leave you hunting for the best. We're your one-stop shop that simplifies the entire process.

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It's a win-win: less waste, fewer CO2 emissions, and effortless shopping with an eco-friendly twist!

In a world that races ahead, making mindful choices for your child's future becomes a powerful act. Embrace sustainability and pave the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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