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Set of 2 Six-Layer Cotton Gauze Bibs: Keep Your Little One Clean and Comfortable During Feeding Time. Say Goodbye to Spit-up and Drooling, Suitable for Ages 0-6 Months

Set of 2 Six-Layer Cotton Gauze Bibs: Keep Your Little One Clean and Comfortable During Feeding Time. Say Goodbye to Spit-up and Drooling, Suitable for Ages 0-6 Months

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👶 Set of 2 Six-Layer Cotton Unisex Bibs: For a Worry-Free Feeding Experience!   🌼

Are you a caring parent always seeking comfort and safety for your baby? Our set of 2 six-layer cotton bibs will be your perfect companion during feeding time. 🌟🍼 


🌟 🌿 Six-Layer Protection and Comfort:

Our bibs are crafted with love and six layers of soft cotton gauze to pamper your little one's delicate skin and keep them dry during feeding.

🎀 🌼 Smart and Practical Design:

We've got it all covered! The U-shaped design comes with an adjustable snap closure, perfect for babies of different ages and sizes. It covers a large area, securely protecting your baby's outfits from spit-ups and drooling.

🧺🌞 Easy to Clean:

We understand the importance of convenience for parents. Our bibs are machine washable and dryer-friendly , making clean-up quick and hassle-free.

🍋🌈 Style and Versatility:

The two adorable and trendy patterns will add a touch of joy and personality to your little one's look.

Choose the quality and reliability of our set of 2 six-layer cotton bibs to keep your baby safe and happy during feeding time. Enjoy a worry-free experience with our premium bibs! 🏆🌟

In a Nutshell

Recommended Age: 0-6 Months

Sizes: One Size (0-6 Months)

Dimensions: 23 x 33 cm

Material: 100% Cotton Gauze

Colors: Rainbow, Fruit

Key Features: 6 protective layers

Recommended Use: During breastfeeding

Tried an Tested

Before showcasing trendy products, we have them tested by one of our #MammaOra. Take a look at the interview with Laura, the mother of 2-month-old Carlo, for her direct feedback!

Can you share your experience using the 6-layer cotton bibs?

Very good. The cotton is soft on my baby's skin and keeps them dry during feeding.

What age are these bibs suitable for?

These bibs are perfect for babies aged 0 to 6 months, and the one-size-fits-all design with double button closure accommodates different body sizes comfortably.

Can I wash the bibs in the washing machine?

Yes, I wash them in the washing machine.

Have the bibs deteriorated after washing?

Absolutely not, after several washes, they are still in excellent condition.

Care Instruction

Usage Tips:

  1. Before first use, wash the 6-layer cotton bibs with warm water and soap to ensure maximum hygiene.
  2. Position the bib around your baby's neck, with the wider part covering the chest and the narrower part over the shoulders.
  3. Secure the bib with the adjustable snap closure to comfortably fit your baby's size.
  4. During feeding, the bib will protect your baby's clothes from spit-ups and drooling.

Washing Tips:

  1. The 6-layer cotton bibs are machine washable.
  2. Use warm water and a gentle detergent to wash the bibs.
  3. Avoid using bleach or harsh cleaners that could damage the cotton.
  4. Allow the bibs to air dry completely or use a low-temperature dryer setting.

Remember, these usage and care guidelines are provided for informational purposes. Always follow the specific instructions provided with the product.

Security Advice

The safety of your baby is our paramount concern. We stand behind our pledge that our meticulously designed set of 2 six-layer cotton bibs is exclusively fashioned from 100% pure cotton. This fabric's gentle touch is thoughtfully engineered to caress your little one's delicate skin while steadfastly preventing irritations or allergies.

Avoid Excessive Heat: We earnestly advise maintaining a safe distance between our product and any open flames or heat sources during both usage and storage.

Supervision: For each feeding occasion, we strongly emphasize the presence of responsible adults to diligently supervise the use of our bibs.

Proper Fit: When fastening the bib, exercise due care to achieve a secure yet comfortable fit around your baby's neck, mitigating any potential discomfort or risk of choking.

Eco-Friendly Shipments

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Just like Amazon, we harness the power of collaborating with various suppliers. But the real magic lies in the fact that we don't leave you hunting for the best. We're your one-stop shop that simplifies the entire process.

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It's a win-win: less waste, fewer CO2 emissions, and effortless shopping with an eco-friendly twist!

In a world that races ahead, making mindful choices for your child's future becomes a powerful act. Embrace sustainability and pave the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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